Foosball in Dunedin, New zealand

Stefanie Neupert and Paul Szyszka are looking for foosball player in Dunedin

Here, we (Steffi Neupert and Paul Szyszka) will provide information about foosball locations and events in Dunedin and the rest of New Zealand.


As of July 2020 everybody is welcome to play foosball at the Unipol in Dunedin - for free, on professional foosball tables sponsored by Leonhart.


Meet us and other players every Tuesday between 5:30 and 7:00 in the foyer of the Unipol. (PAUSED DURING COVID ALERT LEVEL 2)


Our aims are:

Build a foosball community in Dunedin and set up a New Zealand-wide foosball league.



...and if you want to share:


August 2020: Promoting, promoting, promoting

July 2020: Arrival of the Leonhart foosball tables

Steffi setting up 4 Leonhart foosball tables at the Unipol.

April 2020: Foosball is coming! Thank you Marcus, Leonhart and Unipol!

We are very happy to announce that soon there will be a place for our dream to develop a foosball community in Dunedin: The Unipol

We owe this Dunedin-Foosball-Project to Marcus Schulz, vice president of the German Table Soccer Federation (DTFB) and foosball super-spreader, to Christian Fiedler, managing director of the foosball table company Leonhart, who sponsors professional foosball tables (leo-pro tournament) for this project, and to the Unipol team, which offers the space to set up tables!

We expect the foosball tables to be set up in July 2020. You are welcome to use them free of charge, and Steffi and Paul will provide free coaching once or twice a week. We will post updates on


March 2020: Featured in Critic Te Arohi (Thank you Sophia!)

February 2020: Setting up a foosball sport club in Dunedin

We are looking for a room to fit in 4 foosball tables and approximately 20 people.

If you know a suited room, please let us know. 

June 2019: Arrival of the Ullrich foosball table

Ullrich Beast Pro in New Zealand

February 2019: Arrival of the Lettner foosball table

Lettner Evolution in New Zealand

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