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    Martin (Samstag, 11 Mai 2019 02:29)

    Hey! I’m looking for a Football table to play in Dunedin? Is there any in a bar?

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    Paul (Samstag, 11 Mai 2019 03:47)

    Hi Martin, to our knowledge there is no bar with a foosball table. But we have one at home in Ravensbourne and you are welcome to visit us (send us an email for the address: Cheers, Steffi and Paul

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    Siemen (Freitag, 03 Januar 2020 23:17)

    Hi, we are in Dunedin this evening. You asked us in rotorua if we want to send a message when we were here. If you have time we love to play a game (we are not that good)

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    joseph b. stone (shapeshifter) (Mittwoch, 03 Juni 2020 03:17)

    Hi: I'd love to get soemthing rolling here in Hawkes Bay. Been at and around this for a while. Started at 8-ball billiards, Missoula, MT back when Lee Peppard and Pat were co-owners - prior to Lee heading out to Seattle and forming Tournament Soccer. Played out of Phoenix under Mirco Sponsorship (The Front Four Tavern) when the Edgells (Bob and Steve) were active. I've promoted table soccer in Bremerton, Washington (with Mike Dickenson - Pro-Soccer Tables) after he revived what Cal Rogers and Lee had left after the Chicago situation. Later promoted in Bozeman Montana using Dynamo with Randy leap of D & R vending. I'd love to get something rolling here in Hawkes Bay.


    Joe (

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    Rob (Dienstag, 14 Juli 2020 02:29)

    Hi. I'd love to join in. Do you have to be a current student to join in at clubs and socs?

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    Paul Szyszka (Dienstag, 14 Juli 2020 03:35)

    Hi Rob, we are not associated with clubs and socs, and you don't need to be a student to play foosball at the Unipol. Hope to see you there! We are there every Tuesday from 5:30 to 7:00 pm. Cheers, Paul

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    Jeremy (Sonntag, 22 August 2021 04:51)

    Hello - are you able to point me in the direction of a decent table which can be purchased in NZ (Auckland).

    Interested in a decent table (but telescopic rods for home play and safety due to small kids about). Leonhardt or Tornado would be great, but can’t seem to source/locate anywhere?!

    Many thanks,

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    Paul (Montag, 23 August 2021 00:55)

    Hi Jeremy,
    Thank you for contacting us! Currently there is no NZ distributor for Tornado or Leonhart tables. If you send me an email (, I can enquire with Leonhart about selling a foosball table to NZ.
    And I recommend contacting Blake from Foosball Auckland ( He found an easy way to cover the rods so that they don`t pose a danger for children.